DJ Mayo studios now offers training exclusively through the Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy.


Over the years of writing detailing articles and educational material, I received countless requests for auto detailing training from professional detailers that were interested in stepping up their paint correction skills. Given that demand, I established the ESOTERIC Elite Detailer Academy in 2012 where detailers from around the world could attend and learn not only the most modern and responsible paint correction techniques, but they will also be trained on on a wide variety of products and tools that they might not have had had exposure to otherwise.
The training course is primarily for those already working in the detailing and paint correction industry who already have at least some level of experience working with machine polishing, however the course is set up so that beginners can attend the class and not feel overwhelmed. Even if you have already been through another training school for detailing, this will be a great opportunity for continued education. I have trained many detailers who have already attended other courses, and they have been simply amazed at how much more they were able to learn! Each class will be limited to 4 students in order to maximize the amount of time I can dedicate to each individual.
This intensive 2-day course will be held regularly at the beautiful Esoteric Auto Detail headquarters in New Albany (Columbus), Ohio.


While final course curriculum may be adjusted to suit the needs of each incoming class, we will be focusing and offering the following:

  • Learning the latest and most effective paint polishing and compounding techniques.
  • Introduction to a variety of polishes, and how to maximize their effectiveness.
  • How to read and react to different paint types
    Polishing for paint perfection.
  • The responsibilities pertaining to paint preservation.
  • The different levels of paint correction, and how to make them profitable.
  • Introduction to coatings, coating maintenance, and product training for GYEON Quartz and KAMIKAZE lines.
  • In some classes we will have either guest highline detailers, or manufacturer representatives in attendance.
  • Other detailing topics depending on the wants and needs of each individual class.




In addition to advanced detailing training, the class will also spend some time on the subjects of sales, marketing, and business administration (time permitting). During the 22 years that I spent working in the motorcycle industry, I not only had experience at all levels of business (purchasing, product development, sales), but I also spent over 9 years as a regional sales and marketing manager in charge of 15 district managers, 600 dealerships, and $50M in sales revenue. As you can imagine, this gave me a well rounded practical education on business that can be directly applied to your detailing business.

Some of the planned sales and marketing topics will be:

  • Effective sales & marketing strategies to help grow your busines
  • Social networking
  • Pricing
  • Selling detailing services and optional pricing
  • How to be profitable!
  • Open discussions

So if you’re looking to take your detailing and paint correction skills to the next level (or two), and you also wish to learn more about sales, marketing, and even photography to improve your business, then let’s get you on the schedule for the next class. Everything about the training, the facility, the organization, and the weekend will be first class…professionalism is key in everything that we do!

To inquire about upcoming classes and fees, please call DJ Mayo at 703- 296-2449, or email at

NOTE: I’m sorry, but the training course will not be available for those residing or working in Central Ohio or Washington DC area.

At the Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy, we not only train on real cars…we train on really nice cars!


Upon completion of the class and presentation of their diplomas, students are now considered Elite Detailers!


I am happy to announce that the academy has received generous support from the following companies listed below, and our students will get the opportunity to work very closely with their products and tools. We certainly appreciate the support from the detailing industry, and we couldn’t make it all happen without them.

Meguiar’s: Polishes, pads, cleaners, and tools

FLEX: Rotary and D/A polishers

Detailed Image: Wholesale pricing accounts given to each student!

Chemical Guys: Cleaners, waxes, towels, tools, sealants, etc.

Brinkmann: LED inspection lights

Nanoskin: Manufacturers of the innovative Autoscrub system…say goodbye to using clay!

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If you still have additional questions, please send a message or call us at 703- 296-2449