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DJ did paint correction, tint, clear film, and protective coatings on every surface of my 2017 911 Turbo S… Car looks phenomenal! BETTER than brand new, which I didnt think was possible. Highly recommend!!

Hornbrook Investments, LLC

DJ worked on my 2001 Acura NSX in 2012 and I was amazed at how many people really noticed a difference between how my paint looked before and after. Non-car people like my wife for example which is a bit of a surprise. Fast forward 4 years and people still remark on how the paint on my car looks amazing. If you want the job done right, work with DJ to get top results.

Dan M.
Arlington, Virginia

DJ detailed my car a couple times. I finally have a free moment to write a review. Over the summer, my family went to a local Fireworks display. Upon walking back to the car after the fireworks ended we noticed debris all over the parking lot and on my 2016 Lexus ES300h along with other vehicles nearby. I took the vehicle to the car wash and quickly realized the paint had etching all over the entire vehicle. The ash from the fireworks along with a misting rain mixture caused extensive damage to my brand new vehicle. I didn’t want to take my car anywhere for the paint repair therefore did some extensive research on where and who to take it to. I found DJ Mayo online and quickly noticed thru his reviews and photos that he specialized in the major paint correction that my vehicle needed. After speaking to DJ on the phone it turned out he lived in the same neighborhood as I do, small world. He offered to look at my vehicle that same evening rather then drive 30 minutes to his shop.
He looked at it extensively and told me with the utmost confidence, he could make my car look better than when it left the showroom. Well, he did just that! I left my car with him the last week of August while we were on vacation. He actually texted me photo updates of the progress, I couldn’t believe my eyes, damage was non-existent and my car had some killer reflections too! I picked up the vehicle and was absolutely blown away by how awesome the car looked, he did an incredible job!!

Part 2-I thought about leaving this chapter out but felt this unbelievable story needed be shared. I had picked up my car at 1:00 on the Monday we returned from the beach. I went to my office for a few hours to get caught after being on vacation prior to heading home to “claim” the garage from my wife since I had the brand new immaculate detailed car. Besides it was dark, I wanted to look at it again in the garage. Well, I immediately noticed there was some sort of white overspray all over my freshly detailed car which certainly was not there a few hours earlier when I picked up my car. Are you kidding me! What are the chances of his happening?? It was the next day I noticed they were painting (spraying on a lift) the building next to my office. First the fireworks fall out of the sky and land on my car, now paint?? I ended up taking my car back to DJ to have the over-spray removed, he did an awesome job once again, car looked better than showroom condition. DJ supplied me with an invoice so I could attempt to get reimbursed from the company that was painting, which I did. I would highly recommend DJ Mayo. He really knows what he is doing and treats every car as if it were his own. Great job DJ!!
Fred Blair

Fred B.
Our Happy Customer

I just purchased a used BMW and wanted to have it detailed and remove scratches from the paint. DJ not only removed scratches but added protection to cover the paint from future damage.The equipment he used seemed to be state of the art. He was very professional throughout the entire process.

Kevin C.

I took my Silverado here with some pretty significant damage from automatic washes. What DJ and his team were able to do was pretty amazing. He worked within my budget to customize my detail and the transformation completely blew away my expectations. When I picked the truck up, he even took the time to teach me how to properly maintain it. I definitely will not be returning to any drive through car washes. These guys are top notch and will work with you to put together the right plan no matter what type of vehicle you bring in. Thanks again guys

Billy S.
Woodbridge, Virginia

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