Exotic Car Detailing.

We are the areas most experienced exotic car detailer. For several years we have been commissioned to work on some of the finest cars around the country as well as having cars shipped in from all over. These exotic cars require a certain level of attention and expertise to properly handle. Through our relationships within the industry and dedication to our craft, we are able to offer you the highest level of service for your exotic vehicle. The time and expertise to complete this service are greater than most cars given the delicate surfaces most exotics offer.

Single Stage Paint Correction –

This service we will get as many of the defects out of the paint while utilizing a one step polishing system. While some defects will still remain, this will make a tremendous difference even on brand new vehicles.

Starting at $995

Multi Stage Paint Correction –

This service will remove nearly 95% plus of the defects on all surfaces of the vehicle. This is also a perfect solution to do before doing Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Starting at $2295