Protective Coatings.

Over the past several years the automotive industry has really taken a big leap forward in advancements in what we could offer our customers in terms of protection. The days of having to “wax” your car every few months to maintain a decent shine are behind us. With our Protective Coatings, we can offer a better look and superior durability while being able to maintain your car much easier and much safer. We are a Certified Installer so we have the ability to offer you select PRO-ONLY coatings that are much more durable and offer more in return for the customer. We have used and tested way too many coatings over the years and have narrowed it down to a few select ones to offer to our customers. We have coatings that are designed for roughly 1 year of protection all the way to 4-5 years of protection. In order to receive one of our Protective Coatings, at the minimum you must also choose our Single Stage Paint Correction Service. A good portion of how good and durable the coating acts is based on how well the car and surface is prepped. You DO NOT want to install a coating without proper prep. If someone is willing to install a coating without decontamination and some level of correction you want to stay away and not waste your money. It will 100% not be what you expected. Proper coating education and maintenance is the #1 factor in long-term success.

We are GYEON Quartz and Kamikaze Collection Certified. We can offer and install coatings that others cannot.

Paint & Body Coatings

Our 1 year coating (GYEON Can Coat / GYEON One )- $300

Our 18 month coating (GYEON Pure ) – $400

Our 2 year coating – ( GYEON Syncro / Kamikaze Miyabi) – $500

Our 2-3 year coating – (Kamikaze ISM) – $600

Our 3+ year coating  *PRO ONLY*  (GYEON Mohs+ / GYEON Dura Flex / Kamikaze ENREI) – $1000

We also have coatings that are “specific” to FILM, VINLY, & MATTE surfaces.

Wheel Coating – 

Our wheels off coating service safely removes the wheel for a deeper level of decontamination and coating prep. Wheel face and barrels are treated to a High-Temp wheel coating along with painted calipers. This will make cleaning your wheels easier and much safer which is the key to long term success. We will give you a good, better, best option below.

1 Layer of Coating – $400

2 Layer of Coating – $500

3 Layer of Coating – $600

Trim Coating – 

Is your trim starting to fade and look neglected? Does it stand out and have you shaking your head? Utilizing one of our Trim Coating services will enhance and protect your time for a much great period of time than a dressing. A dressing is a temporary band-aid fix where an actual Trim Coating is a more desirable solution that will last. Our Trim Coating will not wash away and will contain some high level of hydrophobic properties. Price will vary.

Starting at $150

Windshield Coating – 

Do you find yourself constantly using your wipers to keep your glass clear? Are you blinded by oncoming headlights? Our Windshield Coating service will machine polish away some light scratches and imperfections in your glass to make it as clear as possible then we lock it in with multiple layers of our glass coating. While this service will not 100% stop rock chips and pitting in your glass, it will however greatly reduce the chance as it will catch the windshield now at a glancing blow and will prolong how good the glass looks for years. This comes with 3 layers of coating.

Starting at $125