Ultimate New Car Prep.

Our Ultimate New Car Prep was designed for the ultimate all in one service bundle. With this service, you combine Paint Correction | Protective Coatings | Paint Protection Film. Everything one would need to start on the proper path to owning a new car. We have bundled everything together at a discounted price. If you factor this price into owning a car for say even a few years, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing your car is protected accordingly. You can pick and choose what level of Protective Coating and the level of coverage on your Paint Protection Film and pricing will be adjusted as needed. Our most popular service for new car prep is as followed:

Paint Correction – Wheels Off Coating – PRO ONLY Body Coating – FULL Front End Film with rocker panels and other high impact areas.
Individually it’s well over $5k. With the bundle price its $4295.
*Price will vary based on coverage of film and level of coating*